The Haven Health Clinic 

A Breath of Shamanic Wisdom comes to Ashburton – The Haven


The Shamanic teachings and healing methods practiced by Alexis, originate principally from the North American indigenous people but can also be traced to the lifestyles, cultures and practices of other ancient peoples who successfully learnt how to lead balanced purposeful lives in harmony with their neighbours and nature.

These methods are well grounded and their relevance in today’s modern world is increasingly recognised as we all face the many challenges that contemporary living creates for us.

Our daily lives are often fraught with stresses and lifestyles, which have evolved in a manner that our minds and bodies may struggle to keep pace with.  Shamanic healing techniques recognise the need for harmony and balance in life and society at large, between the visible reality of our daily lives and the invisible world of our spirit energy.

The healing ceremonies can be extremely powerful and transformational, and seek to achieve equilibrium between the body, mind and spirit energy, in a safe and nurturing environment.

The range of techniques and methods practiced by Alexis will be uniquely adapted to your specific needs, helping you to raise your consciousness, changing your thought processes and your way of perceiving reality.

She will act as a supportive guide on your journey to achieve inner peace and harmony, healing the past and enhancing your potential to adjust your life where necessary, and to make effective decisions from a place of wisdom, clarity, and respect.

The Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

  • Shamanic Counselling – 1.5 hours £60
  • Extraction & Soul Retrieval – 1.5 hours £60
  • Ancestral Patterns – 2 hours £80
  • Spiritual Life Paths – 2 hours £80
  • Releasing Trauma – 2 hours £80
  • Spiritual Life Coaching 1-3 hours £40 per hour
  • Working with your dreams 1 hour £40 per hour

How can Shamanic Healing help you?

By looking at specific Ancestral Patterns within your family history, you can understand some of your own present challenges, and what to do about it. Spiritual Life Paths (understanding how a past life influences your current life) Soul Retrieval is a very beautiful ceremony that helps restore your balance, vitality and trust in experiencing life.

Shamanic Healing Ceremonies work to restore harmony to the mind body and Soul using various techniques and tools that are of a spiritual nature.  The body vibrates to various frequencies that generate a sense of wellbeing, vitality that suggests we are healthy, radiant.
My clients have felt a sense of joy return.  They are able to understand on a deeper level what is needed to restore balance to their lives. They are also able to take more responsibility in their lives.

I specialise in many areas of Shamanic Healing; I am trained in the traditional Shamanic Healing practices that have their origins in the North and Central America. In the last 10 years I have been on a more committed path to go deeper into understanding the role of a Shaman and how we can integrate their knowledge and wisdom into a modern world.

I draw on some of the very grounded teachings of the “First Nations” indigenous populations to support individuals experiencing significant change. My approach will revitalise you to move towards a more desirable state of “Balance”

I will mostly be available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and prices will vary according to the length of your visit.
(I can also make time Thursday Friday or Saturday, however, by prior arrangement only.)

I look forward to welcoming you on a spiritual journey…Alexis