A Breath Of Shamanic Wisdom – Alexis Walsh

Shamanism – A Most Ancient Tradition 

I am sure we would all recognise the need for balance within our working and home lives, however, we are all only too aware that it is often only personal trauma or threatened employment security that initiates a re-evaluation of our work life balance.  It does not have to be this way…

Equilibrium is achievable regardless to whether you are accountable for a large organisation, running a company, a small business or indeed home and family.

First Native people have deeply rooted within their culture the knowledge and wisdom of how to live in harmony and balance.  Their structured teachings are truly inspiring and can apply in the modern world of economics and commerce. Large organisations must be at the forefront of this educational process by creating a workplace that is operating from a place of high consciousness, demonstrating a more harmonious way of being in the world, specifically with each other and the resources that are used to sustain chosen working environments.

We can make very simple adjustments to our current realities which will enhance our capacity to fully engage with life, regardless to the terrain we are navigating, attaining harmony and balance with our neighbours and the natural environment we have chosen to live with. We all want that don’t we? 

The Shamanic methods are well grounded and their relevance in today’s modern world is increasingly recognised as we all face the many challenges that contemporary living creates for us. One of the fundamental beliefs of Shamanism is that we are connected to and part of the wonderful tapestry of the Earth, a life force fully conscious that connects us to all creatures who live and breath, nourish their bodies, raise their families just like we do.      

Our daily lives are often fraught with stresses and lifestyles, which have evolved in a manner that our minds and bodies may struggle to keep pace with.  The core Shamanic principals and techniques recognise the need for harmony and balance within our daily routines and commitments. We may be unaware how we are influenced by the wider communities, including the visible reality of our environment and the invisible world of subtle energies that are all around us and moving within us.