Commissioned Workshops/Specified Training

There are endless opportunities to engage your workforce in training and personal development through the tried and tested workshop model, or the certified model that enhances an individual’s ability to deliver an existing or new service. 

Many professionals undertake further training in their chosen profession or indeed change direction altogether.  What is clear is that we must continue to learn and grow and develop, and when we think we know something that is the time to throw it away and start again, and again and again, peeling away the many layers that exist when we embrace a different approach looking at the same thing from a very different perspective.

One of life’s curious challenges is to see the perspective of another, appreciate the perspective and see that it has value, maybe even one that you can learn from?  Original workshops can be designed as a training and development tool for key members of your team exploring where appropriate opposing viewpoints in the old ways of the people in circle.

 At the core of the Shamanic Teachings is a deep understanding of the human condition and it’s many faces that are presented to the world. Within the workshops that will be created to meet the needs of your teams and their specific roles and responsibilities will be the opportunity to explore in a grounded and safe way what they need to know about themselves to raise their consciousness, being more present with what they are doing.

  • What do we truly learn about ourselves?
  • Who are we?
  • What are we doing?
  • Do we act with consciousness?
  • Are we really enjoying our work?