I met Alexis 8 years ago when we were both on a three year Shamanic Training with Chris Lüttichau of Northern Drum. When Alexis moved to Devon five years ago we became close friends and we have since worked together on a number of occasions. We share a commitment to bringing forward the traditions, the medicine, and the teachings of the shamanic way.

Alexis stood out on the training as having a rare and exceptional gift.  A wonderful doorway to wisdom is open for her. She is a seer, a dreamer – a gift treasured in the shamanic community. Alexis combines this with great integrity and intuition and can always be relied on to be careful and considered in using her gift.

I have referred several of my psychotherapy clients to Alexis and have done some joint work with clients with her – this has brought great benefits and healing to the people concerned. We have run three workshops together.  It has been a joy to work with Alexis who has been an inspiring, wise teacher.

Alexis has made a wholehearted commitment to the shamanic path. She has trained for 10 years and continues with her education and deepening of knowledge, she lives the teachings and is a voracious student. She comes to the work from a highly successful career in Health Care and brings with her high standards of professionalism and ethical practice. I fully support Alexis in her decision to devote her working life to bringing forward shamanic wisdom and healing, someone with her talent is needed in this work. I highly recommend her


I have worked alongside Alexis within the Northern Drum Shamanic Circle for at least eight years. I have also chosen to work with her as ‘healer’ and guide when the need has arisen. I already highly recommend her work to friends and clients.  I have had assistance from Alexis with past life work, this has allowed me to find understanding of a few personal mysteries and settle fully into my life ‘now’.  I have worked with Alexis as practitioner both in ‘clinic like’ surroundings and undertaken valuable personal ceremony with her out on the land. Alexis has a great capacity to intuit what is needed and how to assist you in following this through.  Alexis seeks to allow you to take responsibility for yourself as you take steps with her assistance towards healing and living more fully awake. I feel that the self responsibility that she encourages is an essential step on the path to healing and wholeness.


I came to Alexis on two occasions, both being really difficult moments in my life.  I found myself receiving the type of advice that one would expect from a community Elder; simple, grounded, compassionate, wise – focused on my needs. I felt calmer and clearer in her presence and was able to connect to the part of myself that was, and always is, aligned compassionately with a solution. In the days and weeks since our last conversation I found myself with a new direction, and a more loving attitude towards myself. What more could I ask for…

Thanks Alexis,


Alexis is an unusual and magical mixture. She has a core of the absolute ordinary down to earth and an acute and sharply honed ability to tap into the subtle energies that are all around us and moving within us. A fierce and precise power and ability to see way beyond what’s in front of her and have direct contact with her guides and Sprit allies, in order to bring information and choices/possibilities of healing to her clients. This is combined with one of the kindest, warmest and most mischievous hearts I have come across. I am happy to trust Alexis as a healer and seer and have benefitted hugely from her work, highly recommended!


I have known Alexis for many years as we are travellers on similar journeys, learning about the old ways of living and healing. Alexis holds much knowledge of the wisdom of indigenous peoples particularly of dreaming and healing. I have found her to be a caring and strongly intuitive healer.