Introduction to Alexis Walsh

In the last 12 years, I have been on a much more committed path to go deeper into understanding what is the role of a Shaman and how we can integrate their knowledge and wisdom into a modern world?  I am part of a growing international organisation Northern Drum.

I continue my life long study of the First Nations and ancient peoples who lived by these teachings and principles. They have my deepest respect and appreciation for sharing their wisdom and knowledge.

I have held senior posts within the health economy NHS, and private sector organisations for over 20 years. I have undoubtedly been successful within a difficult climate in my roles of accountability and responsibility because of what I have learned from the Shamanic Teachings, which I have studied in parallel.

I have found a way to bridge my professional life with the core Shamanic Teachings, which have been fuelled by my own journey and purpose. It has been a very humbling experience to realise without these teaching and perspectives; I would not have achieved my own professional successes. 

I draw on some of the very grounded teachings of the First Nations to support individuals, communities and organisations experiencing significant change.

My approach will revitalise, enhance and most importantly enable you and your workforce regardless to the terrain that you work within to move towards a more desirable state of balance.