Core Shamanic Teachings 

Introducing sustainable and appropriate processes that will secure the growth of your organisation achieving cultural evolution, ensuring that all that is important remains recognised, with the value of everything also respected and understood.

To create balance and harmony one must be aware of the forces that come together within ourselves and our surroundings that are essential components to ensure an organisation has a vital life force.

I know that we are all aware that having a positive outlook on life can bring forth opportunities for success and growth in business ventures and relationships.

Realistically however, the challenges that present themselves when talented committed individuals within organisations have different perspectives on what is needed to move forward can create disharmony.

Whilst negotiation and debate may be necessary to reach an agreement, how you do this is without doubt essential to achieving agreement and obtaining your long-term aims and goals. Deep wisdom and knowledge is not understood by the mind alone, it must be tested through contemplation and meditation only then can it be felt at the core of one’s whole being.  Shamans have traditionally brought to their communities and people a set of principles and protocols to live by so that balance and harmony is achieved with ease.

These principles have been at the core of Shamanic Cultures for centuries and can teach us so much on how to create and live in balance.  They help raise the consciousness of ourselves and the many circles of the people that we interact with on a daily basis. The principals are grounded and authentic and can be applied to every aspect of your business guidelines and protocols.

All original artwork by Sandra Marten