Mentorship business coaching

I can only speak for myself but one of the most influential aspects of my career alongside my commitment to Shamanism has been the mentorship and coaching that I have received from some very gifted individuals who have achieved a certain status in life but remained humble. Their generosity of spirit has assisted me hugely within my own career – I will always remain very grateful.

Sadly this vital tradition for development is getting lost in the ever-changing faces of business etiquette versus demands to meet targets and budgets. 

In my own opinion if we are to meet these targets that are set the development of talented and insightful leaders in their chosen fields is essential to the health and wellbeing of any working environment.

Once again if organisations are to flourish rather than survive, ensuring there are the next generations developing within the workforce is an absolute must do, rather than nice to do as is often the case.

I have designed and participated in mentorship programmes for varying management and staff needs enabling a very different perspective. One of the hardest challenges we face in the workplace is to see the perspective of other people and other departments, what they contribute to the whole.